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Transforming Chaos into Clarity
Expert dental coaching for your modern practice.

Taking Your Practice to the Next Level

The Next Level Dental Concepts’ mission is to guide frustrated, stressed-out doctors to a place of professional success. With simple systems and protocols, it is possible to create a positive and efficient team culture, while setting and achieving weekly goals that transform your vision into a reality. These goals are achieved with:

  • Customized practice management designed to increase profitability and control chaos

  • On-site individual and team training

  • Statistical practice evaluation (by an experienced dental coach)

At Next Level, we don’t hold you to a template plan but offer short or long-term partnerships. You may need help for 6, 12, or 18 months – your dental coach can create a custom process just for you.

Find Real Business Success
Guiding frustrated, hard-working dentists into a better place professionally.
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"I NEED new patients!"

Attracting people to your office can be an on-going struggle. You might wonder whether to invest in advertising, get a new website, or offer promotions. With Next Level Dental Concepts, we’ll help you implement sustainable and affordable strategies to get new patients through the door.

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"How can I RETAIN more patients?"

Once you have patients, it is essential to keep them! Your personal dental coach has more than 30 years of experience in the dental industry, so she knows a thing or two about how to take care of returning patients. Through team training and statistical analysis, we can work together to turn new patients into LOYAL patients.

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"Why don’t patients ACCEPT my treatment plans?"

So you’ve developed a winning dental plan and presented it to the patient but don’t hear anything back. Discover how Next Level Dental Concepts’ training and practice evaluation can improve acceptance rate and help you achieve a fuller patient schedule.

Meet Anna Wisnoski

Your experienced dental coach in Houston, TX.

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‘‘I don't have a crystal ball, but I do know this; if you allow me to guide you and your team, we will transform your practice into the vision you have for it.

Who is Anna Wisnoski?

Anna has spent years as a practice administrator and now enjoys the challenge of helping practices achieve their goals.

As part of AADOMOpens a new window to the AADOM website, she’s developed close partnerships with fellow professionals and can bring real benefits to your practice.

Learn more about Anna, your first-class dental coach in Houston, TX.

Anna’s Bio

I am a native Houstonian and married my best friend from high school. I grew up with a love for learning and a passion for people, which led me into the healthcare industry.

My family is my pride and joy. Watching my two sons and one daughter grow up to be strong, caring, and professional adults has been one of my most significant accomplishments. They have blessed me with seven amazing grandchildren, and I couldn’t be happier.

I chose dentistry because, as a child, I was terrified of the dentist but wanted to give something back to people. When I overcame that fear, I realized how I felt could help me have more compassion for our patients. I’ve loved science and medical research for most of my life. Blending the two through dentistry was a perfect fit for me.

Now I enjoy guiding dentists and their teams to be successful in the patient experience. It is very rewarding to me. It’s my way of helping many more patients than I could if I were limited to one dental practice.

Outside of the office:

I enjoy cooking for my family. Family dinners on Sunday are a big deal for us. I love baseball and enjoy watching the Astros. I’m a great lover of basketball too. My oldest granddaughter plays AAU and for her school, so I’m at every one of her games!

Brilliance in Basics

Throughout her dental career, Anna has identified that simple systems get the best results. She uses the “Brilliance in Basics” method to provide:

  • A culture of success

  • Achievable stepping stones towards practice goals

  • Simplified business and admin systems

  • An increase in profitability and security for your practice

Your practice can benefit from these systems and so much more. Simply contact Anna to get started!

Customized Solutions
Addressing your chief concerns with a truly personalized approach.
Practice Evaluation & Analysis
  • Reviewing the profitability of your practice

  • Helping your practice understand metrics

  • Identifying areas for growth

  • Establishing simple and sustainable systems

  • Tracking progress

Practice Management & On-Site Services
  • Working on your areas of concerns

  • Setting realistic goals

  • Creating a flourishing office culture

  • Increasing production and collection

  • Building a loyal patient base

Dental Marketing
  • Attracting new patients

  • Improving your online presence

  • Assisting with marketing strategies

  • Working closely with marketing partners

  • Stepping into the social media world

Finding Success Through the Chaos
Our dental practices have enjoyed:


Average increase in profitability


Average increase in collections


Average increase in hygiene production

Find out how Next Level Dental Concepts can help your practice.
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Dr. Boris Malespin's Review

I met Anna when I was working as an associate dentist for her employer. We became friends and talked often about what it takes to grow a practice. When the time came for me to branch out and start my own business, she really encouraged me.

Fast forward eight years, I reached out to Anna for her expertise and help in my practice. I was feeling frustrated because our production growth had stalled. Our systems needed refining and my team needed guidance in scheduling, hygiene growth, and treatment plan presentation. I knew she could help. Anna has experience in all aspects of running a dental practice and offers a realistic, systematic approach.

I like the service she offers because she makes my chief concerns her priority rather than coming into the practice with her own agenda. Anna has a positive, calm demeanor and has blended well with my team. Her recommendations are working, and I can see that with time, we will reach my goal.

If you are interested in improving your practice, I recommend you contact Anna. She is a trustworthy person who gives me hope to improve and reach my vision.

Dr. Gilberto Veray's Review

I have known Anna for about 11 years. We worked together for three years at a private practice, where she was my office manager and best friend. There are so many great things that I can say about this beautiful human being, but I would not have enough space to write them in here, so I will give you a brief summary.

Anna has been involved in dentistry for more than 30 years. She has worked as a patient coordinator, financial planner, in all aspects of dental insurance, payment reconciliation, financial advisor, and peacekeeper between employees. She is mega sweet, caring, humble, polite, brilliantly smart, and tough when needed. She has a fantastic way of knowing how to make friends and influence people. She is a good listener and extremely loyal. Working with Anna has been the time in my career that I have enjoyed the most.

I am 200% sure that whoever gives Anna the opportunity to help out with their practice will be in for the ride of his or her life. You will want to keep her forever in your office. It would be foolish not to allow Anna to help you grow your practice.

Dr. Megan Bradley's Review

Before I hired Anna, I felt like there were a lot of loose ends and things I kept putting off until later. I also had a lot of issues with money, i.e., not understanding my budget, wanting to understand my money better so I can figure out if I can afford to build and expand my practice.

For a while, it felt like we couldn’t get to the fun stuff, the stuff that feels like dreaming, planning, and expanding. We were too stuck in the chaos of now. Our small office is outgrowing the capabilities of our space, and it feels a lot of days like we are just treading water.

Then in stepped Anna. I love working with her. I have known her for many years, and I know her character and work ethic. She is a natural problem solver. She is energetic, positive, and to the point. I love the way she looks at things and the way she comes up with creative solutions to problems. I also like working with her because she lets me work in an a la carte manner. In my opinion, a consultant is not a permanent fixture in your staff. They are someone who comes in for a specific reason/problem/time period to help and then steps out after giving the team some direction, insight, and perspective.

It feels like I can sigh and breathe easier now; Anna is helping our office. It feels like a relief and a burden lifted. I feel excited and rejuvenated about my practice because she’s helping me see it all more easily.

Our FAQs
Ask Anna and start getting the answers you need - today!
  • Can you help me understand my numbers?

    Yes, I can come to your practice and do a data dump. My analysis of your numbers will give us actual performance metrics to discuss. This information will help me guide you and answer your questions, rather than you trying to figure it out alone.

  • Can you help me as a new business owner?

    Absolutely! Starting a new business is overwhelming. Together, we can talk about your vision and create a sustainable, simple plan of action to take you to a place of professional success.

  • How long do you need to help my business?

    Unlike many dental coaches, I am available for shorter-term commitments or for the long-term. We can determine the ideal scenario during a one-to-one consultation.

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